Friday, August 5, 2016

Heat wave - what to do??

We are still waiting for the baby to arrive, so I should have a lot of time to do some sewing! The thing is... we are having a long and very hot heat wave, and that really slows me down. 

When I arrived in Athens, I started to walk in the stadium next to my daughter's house, early in the morning. Then it became so hot, that I decided to wait a few days. I'm still waiting, so maybe I should just start again and ignore the heat. I really need some exercise!

There are few things I made, that I haven't posted yet. My camera broke down and it took me  a month to get a new one. I had just started to knit a white cotton baby cot blanket, although with these temperatures baby doesn't really need any blanket, not even a sheet!!! Of course the blanket is in Athens now and I could make a picture of it in the baby's cot. (When is he finally deciding to come???) 

The pillow case my mother bought when she was expecting me!! Never mind that I was a girl. Those days you had no idea what was coming! I always loved blue, maybe this is the reason why? Unconscious baby memories, haha!!

As it seems that babies have to be in sleeping bags nowadays I quickly sew this one. It is an embroidered pillow case, that I never used because it wasn't the right size. I closed it and put elastic through it. Excellent for this weather.

To keep myself busy I started to make a storage unit for the baby's room. It is still work in progress. I am going to have 9 pockets with animals appliqued on them. This is the first one, the hippo.

I  cut out all the pieces and made the lay-out 

 This morning I finished the first row, and now I have to hurry to continue the other two rows. Can't wait for it to be finished. Who knows, baby boy might suddenly decide to see this world today or tomorrow instead of waiting till Monday, when they have to go to the hospital for check-up, with the suitcase!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

getting ready !

Still about two weeks to go till the baby is due. I am in Athens at my daughter's place, helping out and waiting. This cot quilt was made about a year ago, but it was a little plain, till I appliqued the bear on it two weeks ago. 

Of course I also wanted to make something for the nursery, and, as it is going to be a boy, I choose these VW cars wall hanging. My first car was a Volkswagen beetle, slivergray, 10 years old. How I loved that car. No digital picture, though! 

Still in Sparta I finished the placemats for my Greek neighbour friend who lives in Holland and has two Dachshunds. The colours of the picture are not very good. I quickly photographed the doggies before I handed them over and started packing to get myself on the bus to Athens. 

My husband is on garden duty now and except from our Flopsy, he has company, when watering the garden, from a few stray cats, that we feed. 
This one is very cute and my husband's favorite.


 He looks a bit like Flopsy, who really likes his food, plays in the garden with the other cats and fights with intruders who don't belong in his territory. A bit peculiar, because he is neutered !!

Besides the garden Flopsy also likes fabrics and quilts. Whenever he gets the chance he will try to have a nap on top of my precious pieces.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sun and thunderstorm - quilt and babies

My friend and sister-in-law, who lives in Australia sent me more than a year ago a fantastic quilt pattern, named Formal Dress. Together with it were also the jelly rolls to make it. I am so happy that I finally managed to finish this beautiful quilt. 

I have been busy in the sewing room! With the baby on the way I get carried away and have lots of lovely projects in my mind. Pinterest a great help, so many ideas!! What about this bandana bib, my daughter's old bear is wearing?

It seems that baby's nowadays are supposed to be in sleeping bags for their naps. Because the baby is due in August I just made this thin cotton bag and am planning the next one to be from flannel and then we will go on to the quilted ones. 

 It is a bit windy in the garden,so it is difficult to make a picture that shows the exact shape, but I'll guess, you get the idea!

The garden is lovely at the moment, especially when there is a breeze, usually early in the morning.

Great spot to  do some hand sewing. I have this work in progress going on. Six placemats for a friend with a Dachshund. 

I really enjoy working in the garden. That is: sitting and sewing or drinking coffee with friends, but also the real garden work, pruning weeding and so on!!!

This all looks lovely and sunny, but we have had quite some thunderstorms last week.

This is how it started. As we have a problem in the street with these short heavy rains I went to the front. 

 And below is a picture of the street half an hour later! 

After the rain, the sun again

 In the vegetable garden: flower of a leak

Friday, July 1, 2016

Baby on the way !

I'm going to be a grandma !!! How great is that !! My daughter is pregnant from a baby boy. Parents and grandparents are over the moon!! 
Of course I started sewing and knitting immediately. Yesterday I made these burp cloths.  

Looked in my stash for nice children's fabric. The backside is from flannel, soft and it doesn't slide.

About a year ago an old-fashioned shop in Sparta closed after being there for a 100 years or so. It used to sell clothes, fabric, sheets, towels, baby stuff and I don't know what more. For the last 20 years they only sold clothes; I didn't even know they had fabric!! At the closing sale I bought a lot, and I mean a lot of this blue cowboy and pink gardening vintage flannel. I bought all they got! Before I knew that my daughter was pregnant I already made this swaddle nappy/blanket.

This baby bag was also an earlier project. I took it to Athens last week, filled with the swaddle blanket and a thin white cotton blanket that I knitted. I don't have a picture of the blanket yet, because my camera broke down just when I finished that. But.... I bought myself a new camera, kind of a birthday present. Next time I am in Athens I can show you the blanket.

Well, I have a lot of other baby project planned: sleeping bag, quilt, wall hanging, stuffed animals, etc, etc. !! I'd better start working now !!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

house quilt

I started showing off the houses I made and received for the house quilt I did as a QAL with the Hellenic Quilting Guild. The houses are still looking lovely on my design wall. quilt yet!!! Maybe a nice job for this summer !

These are only a few of them. I have 34 houses, and still need 2 more, to finish the quilt. 

This little Dutch milk girl was made for me by Mania Hatziioannidi. Isn't she sweet?

I also got into the Dutch mood and made this windmill with the grazing cow for one of the other ladies.

From Olga Spiridaki I received this lovely Greek balcony 

This is the place to be at the moment, at the beach, diving in the crystal clear waters of the Greek sea. This little beach house I made looks more Dutch, though.

Enough houses for today. I'm off to the market in Papagou, Athens, where they sell lots of secondhand clothes. I love to search for vintage cotton dresses, shirts and whatever other cotton I can use to cut into pieces!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Here we go again!

Long time no see! I was just too busy with other things. My eldest daughter got married about a month ago, one week after the Greek Easter, which is a big celebration. So, the wedding guests from abroad came for the Easter celebration in Sparta, then went to Athens for the wedding and most of them continued to have a beach holiday on one of the islands. 


 The happy couple!

Mother and daughter

It was a lovely time with family and friends, but, I must say, I was a bit tired after all the celebrations. We skipped the quilt group for one month, but we have had already 2 meetings again and the quilts are progressing. We basted two of them last week. Unfortunately my camera broke  down, and I still have an old-fashioned cellphone, which doesn't make proper pictures, so I can't show any of it. 
I am thinking now of buying a new camera or an I-phone. I am not sure yet.

At the moment I am in Athens, during a heat wave, over 40 degrees Celcius!! 
No good to go outside; time for inside jobs, like blogging!!!!
Left my husband in Sparta, taking care of the garden.A lot of watering to do, which I hope he will manage in-between the soccer matches on tv!!     

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

House blocks - QAL 2015

Every month I'll show you a few of the houses I made last year for the Greek FB QAL and a few of the ones I received. I started with this house, designed like I used to draw houses in elementary school!

The second one is from the book Country Cottage Quilting by Lynette Anderson.

And the last one for this month is a classical church

 The above ones I sent to my fellow quilters. In return I got these ones.

Lovely cottage made by Vicky Xarala

 A two-storey house made by Eleni Sarantoglou

 The mushroom house by Anita Argiti

 Now I have to find time to make all the houses I received into a quilt!!