Monday, January 23, 2017

Farmer's Wife Revival Challenge 2017

Karen Walker from started the Farmer's Wife Revival Challenge 2017. She has done this before and you can find a lot of information on her blog and/or FB page.
I have the Farmer's Wife book for about a year now and some piecing lessons from Karen. Lovely blocks! Only problem.....each block is only 6"x6"!!!

Now, this is an "easy" block, just squares!

I am not going to make the whole 111 pieces quilt, just a wall hanging. I probably need about 36 blocks. 

 My first block, the green one, is a bit too small. Might have to do that one again, O my!!! I realized that I am not used to such small pieces, because when I started to make the Basket Weave block I cut the separate pieces twice as big as I should!!! Made the block, though. After it was finished, I thought it would be nice for a tablecloth. 

I have enough of the blue and the print, just have to buy some more pink. Big difference, a 6" or a 12" block!!
The wall hanging is supposed to be colourful, as I am a colourful person!

 I just don't know yet how. At the moment the colour combinations don't really speak to me. I like the two lilac blocks together. We'll see. In the end things will work out! I guess!!


Guusje, said...

Mooie blkken leuk dat je hiermee verder gaat. Kan me wel voorstellen dat je de kleuren nog niet zo mooi vind bij elkaar maar wie weet straks net als je zegt en anders iun je altijd nog was wisselen door blokken in andere kleuren over te maken.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ada,
Well, at a certain age, those mega tasks are looking less inviting too!
Matching colors for a wall hanging is tricky too...
Good luck!

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